Meet the Reamers!

The Reamer Family of Jackson's Chips

 Hi! We’re the Reamers and the family behind Jackson’s, the super sweet potato chip company. We started Jackson’s in 2012 to provide a nutritious and functional snack for people on restrictive diets. Specifically, our son Jackson was on an autoimmune, low-inflammation diet and we found that, in the early 2000s, we were cooking all of his food from scratch. We were making fermented foods, bone broth, kombucha and many of the items you can find on the shelves in any grocery store these days. These sweet potato chips, cooked in organic coconut oil, were something we were making at home as well. Once those other foods started popping up on the shelves, we expected to see sweet potato chips cooked in healthy oils start appearing too. When they didn’t, we decided to start our own chip company and introduce them to the world. We were stunned by the response we received. We thought we were part of a small minority of people looking for snacks cooked in healthy oils but we were wrong…..very wrong!  

Megan Reamer and Scott Reamer of Jackson’s

Jackson’s Honest started in 2013 in our tiny kitchen in Crested Butte, Colorado – a picturesque ski town at 9000 ft elevation. We quickly went from making our chips by hand to finding a manufacturing partner in Denver who could help us start to meet demand. Our growth was fast – we started selling our chips at Natural Grocers and Whole Foods Rocky Mountain region in early 2014 and from there, it snowballed quickly to a national presence with Whole Foods, Costco and thousands of independent and conventional grocers from coast-to-coast.

In 2017, Megan Reamer and Scott Reamer introduced Jackson’s to the nation with their appearance on Shark Tank. The sharks raved about our snacks made with simple ingredients and we landed Rohan Oza as our Shark! More about that here! 

Since then, we’ve remained dedicated to strengthening our snacking game, focusing exclusively on sweet potato chips. While old favorites like grain-free puffs and seed oil-free tortilla chips, regular potato and purple potato chips are taking a break, fear not! We've got a fresh lineup of clean and epically flavorful snacks for your taste buds.

Our philosophy is simple: use pure premium oils like avocado oil to enhance the flavor of sweet potatoes while providing a nutritious option for our customers.

Megan Reamer and Scott Reamer on Shark Tank

About Jackson Reamer 

Jackson’s story starts when he was two years old with symptoms that resembled Multiple Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease: muscle weakness that turned into regression and loss of nearly all of his gross and fine motor skills. Jackson went from a healthy toddler who walked and talked to a disabled child living in a wheelchair within a three-year period. We made a big assumption that Jackson’s deterioration was related to an autoimmune issue and subsequently worked hard to control the only thing we had control over: his diet. After so much research, and trial and error with his food, we created a low-inflammation diet for him that focused on the quantity and quality of the macronutrients he ate: fats, proteins, and carbs. This diet saved Jackson’s life. It controlled his inflammation so that he stopped regressing neurologically, stabilized his weight, and improved his quality of life enormously. After 12 long years of traveling around the country to children’s hospitals and research institutions, we finally received a diagnosis for him from the National Institutes of Health. He had a rare autoimmune disease called Aicardi Goutieres Syndrome.  

 As the oldest of our four children, Jackson’s needs dictated our daily life. And we were all so honored and happy to support him in any way. Within a year of receiving his diagnosis, Jackson became part of an experimental clinical trial. He was responding well and making progress controlling and decreasing the inflammation in his body so we increased the dosage in July 2017. Within a month of that increase, Jackson passed away unexpectedly from complications from the dosage increase.  

Our entire family (Scott Reamer, Megan Reamer, Ella Reamer, Olivia Reamer and Charlie Reamer) was heartbroken and shattered. We had to navigate an extraordinary personal loss while managing and growing the Jackson’s business. In some ways we succeeded and in others we didn’t. However, we persevered through very difficult times and are happy to share that today, in 2024, Jackson’s is a better company than it has ever been. We have great partners, an experienced team, our own manufacturing facility, and a product that blows the socks off anything else in that aisle.  

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