Jackson’s Shark Tank Update

Jackson’s Honest is now…..Jackson’s! Since appearing on the season premiere of Shark Tank in October 2017, the Jackson’s team has experienced many challenges and triumphs. We’re thrilled to say we’ve made incredible progress toward our goal of sharing Jackson’s inspiring story through the products and mission that drive our work every day: making super snacks with nutritious and functional ingredients.  

Jacksons Chips Shark Tank Update

So….how did we get from our Shark Tank appearance in 2017 to today?  

 After securing our deal with guest shark, Rohan Oza, we immediately started working on different aspects of the Jackson’s business. We started asking ourselves questions about our business, our products, and our goals: what are our bestsellers?; should we focus on a core set of products?; can we increase the quality and consistency of our snacks?; where should we spend our time and effort most effectively? These were difficult questions to answer but extraordinarily important to understanding the long-term economics of our business, our competitive position in the marketplace, and whether we were meeting our goal of sharing Jackson’s story with as wide an audience as possible. 

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Another significant opportunity that came from our Shark Tank deal was looking at our packaging and confirming that it was working hard for Jackson’s on the shelf. It is very difficult to incorporate all of the things you need and want to say on the front of the bag to grab the customer’s attention. For Jackson’s, we needed to say why our chips were different than others in that aisle, that we were a small, family-owned business, and that our chips were made with three simple ingredients: a lot to accomplish in the small real estate of a bag of potato chips. Working alongside Rohan, we were offered tools and resources that we simply didn’t have to understand how to balance these competing demands. And we’re happy to say that today, in 2022, we have all the pieces in place to take Jackson’s to the next level.  

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A few of the fundamental changes we made at Jackson’s were changing our name, our packaging and our marketing messaging; focusing our entire product line on Sweet Potato chips; and building our very own manufacturing facility in Muskego, Wisconsin. All of these enormous changes mean that the sweet potato chips we’re offering through our retail partners now are the most delicious, most functional, most super-simple snacks we’ve ever made.  

Shark Tank for Jackson’s was an amazing experience that introduced our story and products to a nationwide audience of snack consumers that have been supportive of our business but even more supportive of us as parents and entrepreneurs. We hope you try some of the Jackson’s sweet potato chips and like them as much as the Sharks did!  

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