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  • Get Started with Anti-inflammatory Dieting: A Beginner’s Guide

    Anti-inflammatory diets focus on foods that have nutrients that decrease your body’s response to protect your organs and joints.  While this physic...
  • Can You Use Coconut Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil?

    Vegetable oil is a common ingredient found in a lot of prepared foods. You will find vegetable oil in almost everything edible, ranging from fresh...
  • The Full Body Benefits of Avocado Oil

    Is Avocado Oil healthy? Learn the full health and cooking benefits of unrefined avocado oil from Jackson's Chips.
  • Sweet Potato Chip Nachos FTW

    Our good friend Krysten is a MASTER at creating tasty treats using just a couple simple ingredients! Sound familiar? Here are two of her favorite s...
  • Meet the Reamers!

    Hi! We’re the Reamers and the family behind Jackson’s, the super sweet potato chip company. We started Jackson’s in 2012 to provide a nutritious and functional snack for people on restrictive diets.
  • Jackson’s Shark Tank Update

    Jackson’s Honest is now…..Jackson’s! Since appearing on the season premiere of Shark Tank in October 2017, the Jackson’s team has experienced many challenges and triumphs. Read to find out more!
  • Megan & Scott Reamer of Jackson’s: 5 Important Business Lessons We Learned While Being On The Shark Tank

    Our founders, Megan and Scott Reamer, were recently featured in an article on and Authority Magazine.
  • Taco Dip Recipe For The Big Game!

    If you're looking for a party pleaser, look no further!
  • Jackson's Sweet Potato Chips to be Featured in Miami at the most recent Pop Up Grocer!

      Starting on January 28th, Jackson's Chips will be featured at the latest Pop Up Grocer in Miami, FL! According to their website, "Pop Up Grocer ...
  • Jackson's Donates to Conscious Alliance

    Nearly 1,000 homes were destroyed in Colorado around the holidays as a fire spread around Marshall, CO in Boulder County. Not only were these home...
  • #EverydaySuperhero - Alexander and Emily

      Meet our very first #EverydaySuperhero duo, Alexander and Emily!Alexander keeps his head high and works very hard on his musical talents each an...
  • Cheesy Green Bean Casserole Recipe

      Now that the holiday season is upon us, we know some of you may be tired of the same old thing. Well here is a tasty twist to a family holiday c...