#Everyday Super Hero - Caleb

Caleb beat leukemia and now he and his siblings are on a mission to raise awareness in a way that brings smiles instead of tears and fear! They have a goal of riding 100 coasters in 2023, while shining a light on organizations that are helping warriors and their families, and sharing facts about childhood cancer to help others see that there is hope even in this critical issue! The Quick family routinely takes coffee & snacks to the families and kids who are in patients at Caleb’s treating hospital - because they remember how difficult that time was for all of them. Caleb and his family use their hardship to bring hope to others! ⁠⁠


If you would like to follow the Quick’s on their adventures, make sure to follow @quickcoasteradventures on Instagram.


⁠⁠Join us on our adventure to ride 100 coasters in 2023 - because kids should get to ride coasters, not have to fight cancer!⁠2023 🎢 count: 67/100⁠