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Snack Super explained.

Snack Super explained.

Do you only make sweet potato chips?

Yes, we do! Sweet potatoes are a concentrated plant source of beta-carotene, the pro-vitamin that converts to Vitamin A. (Even carrots can't beat sweet potatoes for their beta-carotene content!) You'll find 90% of the daily recommended allowance of this important vitamin in about 13 Jackson's sweet potato chips. Don't forget to eat your vitamins today!

What makes avocado and coconut oil healthier options for cooking?

We cook all our chips in ancestral avocado or coconut oil because they provide a wealth of health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ancestral oils such as avocado and coconut have been around for thousands of years, and aren’t created in a factory unlike oils such as vegetable or canola. We like to think of them as our healthy heroes!

What are the health benefits of heirloom sweet potatoes?

The non-GMO heirloom sweet potatoes we use have been shown in studies to help with diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cancer. Talk about a superfood!

Why don’t you use organic potatoes?

Jackson’s uses Non-GMO verified potatoes, a process that requires stringent evaluation and certification. As such, Jackson’s works with exclusive farmer partners to source and harvest sweet potatoes grown without genetically modified organisms.

Are your products vegan? Gluten-free? Paleo-friendly? Peanut-free? Kosher?

Yes! All of our products are vegan, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, peanut-free and kosher. So go ahead, Snack Super!

Why do you cook your chips low and slow?

Traditional potato chips are cooked via a rapid, high-heat frying process. This releases damaging free radicals into the oil, which are then absorbed by the body. By cooking our chips low and slow, we maintain the stability and integrity of the oil’s healthy fats. That means no unwelcome free radicals—and a super taste and texture sensation!

Can you explain why there’s a warning on your label about acrylamide?

If you’re concerned about acrylamide, you should try to avoid the products that naturally contain acrylamide due to the cooking process, like French fries, potato chips, roasted asparagus, canned sweet potatoes and pumpkin, crackers, cookies and breads. A complete list can be found on the FDA website: 

To learn more about Prop 65, please visit this website:

Where can I buy your products?

Click here to use our Store Locator and find a retailer near you.

Our online store will be ready to take orders soon!

Will you be introducing new flavors?

We will! Be sure to join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on new flavor varieties as they become available.

How do I nominate someone for your Everyday Superhero campaign?

We’re glad you asked! We launched Everyday Superhero as a way to promote and encourage kids and their everyday acts of kindness. You can nominate them on Instagram by either tagging them or their parents using the hashtag #EverydaySuperhero. You can also nominate them here.