... You have the packaging to for many of them. I have to say, these are absolutely delicious. Oh, my God. Oh, thank you. ... This is the best chip ... All I need is a beer. ... Scott, is your background in food?

[SCOTT] No, it's not actually. You know, we made these just to fill a need in our house. My undergraduate degree is in chemical engineering, so I understood at least some of the chemistry. But the reality was my position as a dather and Megan's as a mother is what drove us to find this.

I remember when my son was a year and a half old and he needed to go to the hospital and they had to do an operation with him, and I realized I can't go in with him. I mean, to this day, it is crystal clear in my mind, in my eyes. Like, I see it right here. So I can imagine that level of pain. And then to turn that into this incredible not just story, but an actual company. I mean, power to you. More courage than I did. That's very admirable.

[SCOTT & MEGAN] Thank you.

Great packaging, great branding. That's my job to make women cry. Well, she does it for other reasons, but. ... Excuse me. I'm sorry, I apologize. ... You know, it's just, It's turning something like lemons into lemonade and turning this very difficult experience into something really positive. Let me start by commending you ona  product that is absolutely disrupting the food and beverage space.

Thank you.

I always look for stuff that is breaking the mold of what's out there today. Everything out there is high sugar, high fat. Not the good stuff that you need. ... You're bringing the good fats in.