Spicy Sweet Potato Snacks

The Jackson's Habanero Nacho Sweet Potato Chips are a new kettle-cooked snack crafted with flavor and quality in mind to provide consumers with a delicious option to try out this summer. The snack starts off with sweet potato slices kettle cooked to perfection in avocado oil before being covered in a fiery seasoning crafted with habanero chiles. The seasoning also features the flavors of cheddar and Romano cheeses, but maintains a vegan-friendly recipe to position the snack perfectly for all kinds of consumers to enjoy.

Co-Founder and Innovation Lead Scott Reamer spoke on the new Jackson's Habanero Nacho Sweet Potato Chips saying, "With our Habanero Nacho formulation, we really wanted to increase the overall intensity of flavors and spice level while also sticking to our brand values of simple, clean ingredients, and this chip delivers with its extreme heat and crave-worthy, cheesy-finger goodness. By using only top-quality, unadulterated avocado oil with low inflammation properties, we’re committed to producing premium, healthy oil snack options that consumers can feel better about eating.” 

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