Jackson's New Habanero Nacho Flavour Spices Up Its Sweet Potato Chip Lineup

Jackson’s®, the leader in kettle-cooked sweet potato chips made in premium avocado oil, continues to expand its sweet potato chip line this year with the release of Habanero Nacho Sweet Potato Chips with Avocado Oil.

Compared with the fresh and mild kick of Jackson’s Spicy Salsa Verde chip, Habanero Nacho brings forward a mouth-watering epic flavor and heat burst while keeping to the minimal, trusted ingredient list that fans have come to associate with the Jackson’s brand.

Crunchy kettle-cooked sweet potato slices are dusted in an epic vegan seasoning mix of fiery, fruity habanero chiles and tangy flavors of cheddar and Romano cheeses, perfect for the snacker who can’t get enough heat.

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