Explore the Top Avocado Oil Brands

Top Avocado Oil Brands. Discover the benefits of pure avocado oil.

Avocado oil has soared in popularity, praised for its health benefits and exceptional flavor. With an abundance of brands flooding the market, distinguishing the best from the rest can be challenging. In this article, we explore the characteristics of premium avocado oil and reveal a selection of popular brands that aim to deliver outstanding quality, purity, and taste. Join us as we uncover the crème de la crème of avocado oil, empowering you to make informed choices for your culinary and health needs.

The Most Popular Avocado Oil Brands 

Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil

Chosen Foods is renowned for its commitment to quality, offering a 100% pure avocado oil that is made from premium Hass avocados. Their oil is carefully cold-pressed to preserve its nutrients and distinct flavor. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, and antioxidants, making it a healthy choice for cooking, baking, and salad dressings. Chosen Foods avocado oil is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and free from any additives or preservatives.

La Tourangelle Avocado Oil:

La Tourangelle produces a high-quality avocado oil that is crafted using traditional methods to extract the oil from ripe avocados. Their oil has a delicate, fruity flavor and a smooth texture, making it suitable for a wide range of culinary applications. La Tourangelle's avocado oil is unrefined, non-GMO, and minimally processed, ensuring that it retains its natural goodness. It is an excellent choice for sautéing, grilling, and drizzling over dishes.

Primal Kitchen Extra Virgin Avocado Oil:

Primal Kitchen offers an exceptional extra virgin avocado oil that is made from the flesh of ripe avocados that have undergone comprehensive QC checks. Their oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, preserving the vibrant green color, rich flavor, and nutritional benefits of avocados. The oil is separated out of their avocados by spinning them in a centrifuge which means no hexane or other chemicals! Primal Kitchen avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, making it a nourishing addition to your diet. It is ideal for cooking at low to high heat, as well as for dressings and marinades. This oil is tested by a third-party on 40+ different metrics to make sure it meets high standards.

Kevala Avocado Oil:

Kevala produces a premium avocado oil made from handpicked Hass avocados. Their oil is expeller-pressed without the use of chemicals or solvents, ensuring a pure and clean product. Kevala avocado oil has a mild, buttery flavor and a high smoke point, making it suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including frying and roasting. It is certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, providing a healthy and delicious option for culinary enthusiasts.

Avohass Avocado Oil:

Avohass specializes in producing high-quality avocado oil exclusively from Hass avocados grown in California. Their oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, retaining the distinct aroma and flavor of ripe avocados. Avohass avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is perfect for sautéing, grilling, and adding a luxurious touch to salads or dips. The brand is committed to sustainable farming practices, ensuring a responsible and eco-friendly product.

BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil:

BetterBody Foods offers a premium avocado oil that is derived from ripe Hass avocados. Their oil is cold-pressed and naturally refined to create a smooth and versatile product. BetterBody Foods avocado oil has a mild, buttery taste, making it suitable for various cooking methods. It has a high smoke point, making it ideal for frying, grilling, and baking. The oil is non-GMO, gluten-free, and rich in monounsaturated fats.

Baja Precious Avocado Oil:

Baja Precious prides itself on producing high-quality avocado oil sourced from avocados grown in the region of Baja California, Mexico. Their oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, capturing the natural essence of avocados. Baja Precious avocado oil has a rich, buttery flavor and a vibrant green color. It is ideal for cooking, baking, and adding a touch of indulgence to salads or sauces. The brand emphasizes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their production process.

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How to avoid low quality Avocado Oil 

When it comes to avocado oil, the market is not immune to the presence of counterfeit or low-quality products. To ensure you're getting the real deal and reaping the full benefits of avocado oil, it's essential to be aware of ways to avoid fake or subpar options. One crucial aspect to consider is the ingredient list. Authentic avocado oil should contain only one ingredient: avocado. Beware of oils that have additives, preservatives, or other oils listed in the ingredients, as these may indicate a blend or an adulterated product.

Another aspect to scrutinize is the packaging and labeling. Reputable brands of avocado oil typically have clear and accurate labeling, providing information on the source of the avocados, the extraction method, and any relevant certifications. Look for terms like "cold-pressed," "extra virgin," or "unrefined," as these indicate higher quality. Additionally, certifications such as organic, non-GMO, or third-party testing can further attest to the authenticity and quality of the avocado oil.

It's also beneficial to research and choose well-established brands with positive customer reviews and a reputation for producing high-quality avocado oil. Reading customer feedback and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can help steer you towards reliable options. By being vigilant and informed, you can safeguard yourself against fake or inferior avocado oil and enjoy the genuine benefits and delightful flavors that authentic avocado oil brings to your culinary endeavors.

How to Store Avocado Oil

Proper storage is crucial to maintain the quality and freshness of avocado oil. To ensure the longevity of your avocado oil, it's important to store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Exposure to light and heat can degrade the oil and affect its flavor and nutritional properties. Therefore, it is best to store avocado oil in a tightly sealed, opaque container to protect it from light.

Additionally, avocado oil is susceptible to oxidation, which can lead to rancidity. To prevent oxidation, it is recommended to keep the container tightly sealed when not in use to limit exposure to air. Oxygen accelerates the breakdown of the oil, causing it to become rancid. Refrigeration is also an option, as it can extend the shelf life of avocado oil. However, refrigerated oil may solidify or become cloudy, but it will return to its liquid state at room temperature without any compromise to its quality.

The Takeaway 

The world of high-quality avocado oil is filled with exceptional brands like Chosen Foods, La Tourangelle, Primal Kitchen, Kevala, Avohass, BetterBody Foods, and Baja Precious. These brands strive to deliver outstanding quality, purity, and taste. Additionally, brands like Jackson's Chips recognize the value of such oil in enhancing the taste and quality of its products. Our Jackson's Chips utilize pure high-quality avocado oil to fry our avocado oil sweet potato chips, ensuring a delightful and healthier snacking experience for their customers. Choose from these exceptional brands to elevate your culinary creations and enjoy the nourishing benefits of avocado oil.


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